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experience across Internet of Things ecosystems

Internet of Energy X Internet of Everything

Historically at IJENKO, we have built services and integrated devices to help service providers, Utilities in particular, develop a new collaborative link with their residential consumer base around smart energy services. This is what we call the Internet of Energy.
We are now adding the interaction with the Internet of Things eco-systems, clouds and best-sellers. We pursue the same goal: continue to create business value for our customers, help them surf the IoT wave and capture additional service value under their brand on these devices bought directly in B2C channels by their consumers. Thus our service providers and communities of developers can invent easy and augmented user experiences, beyond the assets the service provider can control directly in the home.
The network effect of this combination enhances the social and business value of the Internet of Energy and the Internet of Everything working together, and delivers useful service innovations, stickiness and higher service value for our customers.

What we do

Ijenko develops, operates and markets a Platform of services combining the Internet of Energy and the Internet of Everything so that our customers deploy powerful business and consumer services for the smart home. IJENKO creates services such as:

  • the Internet of Energy: a unique suite of downstream and upstream applications on energy efficiency, demand response, micro-generation management, Electric Vehicle charging control and adaptive smart heating. Our context-aware platform is also used to develop and run flexibility plans for smart cities.
  • Monitoring, Control and Automation services, which enable telecom providers to supply Home protection and automation services
  • Interaction with the Internet of Everything: we’re constantly widening the interoperability of our platform by integrating protocols and new objects according to the services strategies of our clients. We work with standards bodies, technology alliances and new open IoT Eco-systems to develop interactions between different environments for the benefit of the end customers and to enrich the business value of Service Providers.

These services are based on APIs. We are also developing mobile and web applications for our customers to launch pilot projects to test some of these new services before commercial roll-out.

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