Enable an augmented energy experience for your residential customers

The IJENKO Home Energy Management Solution enables the delivery of scalable, cost effective Home Protection, Energy Efficiency and Demand Management services in the residential market, with:

Engage customers in sustainable energy efficiency behaviors

IJENKO Demand Management Services enable providers to engage their consumers in energy efficiency programs, smart heating control and fun, micro-generation monitoring and automated self-consumption, Electric Vehicle charging optimization. They can start a new conversation with their residential customers, deliver savings, reduce energy waste while improving comfort, alert them on exceptions and assist with new services portfolio.

Take your customers comfort to the next level

IJENKO offers new platform tools for Service Providers to create an Augmented Customer Xperience for smart heating services under their own choice of brand. With Xperience, IJENKO is giving control to end-users, anywhere, anytime, and brings them the power of its platform algorithms and predictive analysis to optimize their comfort at the lowest cost.


  • According to the family's life.
  • With end-users consent.


  • Manages various systems (boilers, radiators) with a connected thermostat and thermostatic radio-valves.
  • Manages electric convecters (French market only: pilot wires).
  • Ambient or multi-zone regulation.


  • Adaptation of the schedule by learning the over-ride commands of the users.
  • Learns the thermal inertia of the home.
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Transform your residential base into a valuable flexibility asset

The IJENKO Demand Management Services directly serve the provider's objectives: network stability, supply and demand balance, supply cost control or participation in demand curtailment markets.

Facilitate the usage of electric vehicles

90% of EVs charging is done at home. Whether connected to standard wall sockets or smart charging stations, IJENKO services help optimize the charging costs thanks to programs based on price signals, or available power, and visualize the autonomy gain in real time. Tomorrow, Vehicle to Grid capabilities will open up new storage and flexibility opportunities in the smart home.

Electric Vehicle
  • Mesuring electric vehicles consumption while charging.
  • Limit the load related to the consumption of vehicle.
  • Trigger or stop the charging process of the vehicle from anywhere.
  • Visualize the charging station status.

Help your users make the most of their photovoltaic production

IJENKO micro generation services in the smart home deliver:

  • Overlaid usage and generation curves
  • Net energy in kWh and currency
  • Forecasts for the rest of the day and tomorrow
  • Savings and revenue amounts
  • Optimization tools making the user profile match with his generation profile: ON/OFF programs (appliance launch) based on generation thresholds and predictive generation data

Manage the energy consumption and production at the district level

The EDENS services created by a consortium led by IJENKO and supported by BPI France aim to provide a concrete solution to the integration of residential districts and citizens in this new collaborative energy management era by managing consumption, production or storage at the district level.

IJENKO works with e-lab, CEA List, Energies Demain, Fludia and Oppida to develop this platform for aggregation and management of residential energy for sustainable cities.