A context-aware platform for a meaningful digital life in the home

Thanks to a powerful set of resources, the IJENKO platform operates with any smart object, bridging non-IP sensors & actuators and IP devices into a single experience for your users. Our context-aware platform learns, analyses, predicts, coaches and acts on behalf of the end-user depending on the priorities defined by them, and their overall life environment: the energy pricing signals, the demand-side management programs they have subscribed to, the weather, their presence or absence. End-users are able to choose almost any branded device on the market and create the right interactions between their Home gateway and any IP or non-IP devices.
The Service Providers’ users will be the powerful creators of their own reality and be able to push their home to its fullest potential.

The Internet of Things

Ijenko Platform designed to interact with:


Use case: Mrs Jones and her energy supplier in the UK

Mrs Jones from Swindon has bought a neat smart thermostat at B&Q. She enjoys the remote control via her dedicated mobile app and monitors the actual heating time of the home boiler. She feels the family is saving money. Still, her monthly bill from the gas supplier is the same as last month: “They should know better now that I have a smart meter! Why can’t they charge my real consumption?”
With an IoE² platform and a Smart Energy Profile metering sensor in the home, the energy supplier can offer Mrs Jones an augmented user experience that combines data from the smart thermostat APIs, and the actual consumption in a single mobile app, with consistent billing and savings information. The innovative supplier has also launched a coaching service to advise on the best heating program to optimize the bill based on the thermal inertia of the home and the family life routine and exceptions.

Use Case: Mr. Schmidt and his Broadband Access Provider in Germany

Mr. Schmidt has subscribed to a smart lighting and smart heating service from his favorite internet provider in Dusseldorf, and agreed to pay an extra €5 a month on his monthly bill. He has received a pack with a smart thermostat, three connected lamps and a USB stick to put on his brand new multi-service fiber gateway, Intel® Puma6 inside. No additional gateway to run the service!
His son has offered him a great sleep monitoring device for his 60th birthday. They have declared this new device in the internet provider app portal and defined simple access rights and actions between the three services. Now, when he goes to bed, the temperature goes down to 16°C, and the lights are switched off automatically. When he wakes up, the radiators are warm again, and lights fade up softly! Magic, the home adapts to his life, automatically!