Who we work with

IJENKO is the context-aware platform that allows Energy suppliers, Telcos, Consumer Electronics brands to launch their own smart home services and enable the interaction with the IoT best sellers and eco-systems to create an augmented user experience. IJENKO addresses as well the needs of smart cities stakeholders in terms of residential energy management by creating an appealing micro-grid offer.

Energy Service Providers

With the IJENKO Internet of Energy services, Energy suppliers can empower and engage their customers in continuous, effortless energy efficiency actions, enabling them to save on their electricity bills, and to influence the demand curve collectively.



IJENKO gives Telcos the opportunity to provide their customers with an engaging new set of security, home automation, and smart heating services, and to increase their differentiation and competitiveness by interacting with IoT best sellers and eco-systems.


CE brands

IJENKO teams with leading consumer electronic companies to help them design, build, deploy and manage connected devices and services for the smart home. By using our platform through API &/or UI, CE brands can open up news markets catching up with the IoT wave.


Smart cities

IJENKO facilitates the deployment of integrated energy management systems in smart grid and smart cities projects thanks to its Home and Energy platform, as well as its Eco-District solution.


Direct Energie : Connected home offer for Linky users

Direct Energie is the 1st and only electricity and gas supplier to propose an offer suited to the new energy meter Linky in France.
The Tribu Offer allows reducing one's consumption thanks to numerous functionalities such as the real consumption billing and the remote piloting of electrical devices.

Discover more details on the Tribu Offer : my connected home

Bouygues Telecom: IJENKO software gateway embedded in the Bbox

Based on both IJENKO platform in the cloud as well as the IS2T platform in the Bbox ISP gateway, it expands the already rich Bbox Sensation universe by making the connected home a truly smarter home.

This transforms the Bouygues Telecom Internet Access Router into the heart of future connected homes, where a variety of managed services can be offered to residential consumers on a mutualized home infrastructure.

Logo Bouygues Telecom
  • The customer connects to Bouygues Telecom Internet site.
  • The customer is being identified on the IJENKO Platform.
  • The platform gets the status of all the connected devices within the home.
  • The customer sends a command to one of his connected devices.
  • New state of connected devices.

Pluzzy: Toshiba provides a range of connected home services to the end-users

Pluzzy is an open and modular system composed of a central unit to which various compatible Pluzzy accessories can be associated to complete the end-user installation. To connect all these accessories Pluzzy relies on standard communication wireless protocols specifically designed for home automation applications such as ZigBee.

Services available include depending on the packs bought by the end-user :

  • Energy management
  • Home automation
  • Smart heating

Discover more details on the Pluzzy services by Toshiba

Issygrid: IJENKO provides home & energy management services for the 1st smart grid district in France

  • IssyGrid® is the first district level smart grid in France. Created at Issy-les-Moulineaux, it paves the way for tomorrow's energy management in the district and city.
  • Ten partners with complementary skills brought together on behalf of a community.
  • Individuals connected to the system can better control their consumption and avoid peak demand thanks to:
  • Monitoring power consumption on mobile, tablet and PC,
  • Remote steering and diagnosis of their electrical appliances,
  • Customized analysis and recommendations to optimize their energy consumption,
  • Visualisation financial savings