Open & Interoperable platform

Our open platform IoE2 offers resources available through multiple APIs to help our customers create their own services and end-user experiences. It supports all the major smart home protocols as well as IP standards and is one of the most open and interoperable platform available on the market.

  • State-of-the-art APIs
    IJENKO APIs give access to the different platform resources. These resources are available according to a data model designed by IJENKO. Our multi-layered and comprehensive set of APIs enables our customers to integrate any product or virtual application. The result is a broad, integrated and seamless experience for your end-users.
  • REST architecture
  • JSON Open standard format
  • Online interactive documentation with examples and testing modules
  • Interoperability thanks to unification of Home Area Network protocols - Protocol agnostic unification of Radio protocols Unification of Radio protocols
  • Seamless interoperability among all devices using different HAN protocols across our customers' product portfolio. There is no need to use the same HAN protocol across an entire product portfolio, because each device’s data and control goes to and from the IJENKO IoE2 platform
  • HAN Agnostic : IoE2 platform enables our customers to connect their products with as little cost and complexity as possible. Our customers can decide that some of their chosen products would work best with ZigBee or Z-Wave. IJENKO IoE2 platform is prepared so that end-users can control all devices from a single smartphone app
  • Unification of Radio protocols bridge to the IP world and easy integration of IoT best-seller products within the smart home

Local Intelligence Portability

IJENKO offers the possibility to embed its Software Gateway in multiple Internet Access devices. This local client in the home supervises all connected devices.

The IJENKO Software Gateway

IJENKO Software Gateway
  • is compatible across different environments:
    • Linux
    • Android
    • OSGi
  • Includes powerful rules engine and performs local calculations
  • Allows IJENKO to embed it Software Gateway in any alternative home hardware gateway (set top box, smart TV, smart appliances)
  • Enables deployment in a diversity of Customer Premises Equipments to avoid capital expenditures due to an Over-the-Top device
  • Smallest footprint of the Software Gateway

Example: Telco Project in France

An architecture enabling real-time data

IJENKO platform services rely on the Consumer’s house broadband Internet access to establish the bi-directional communication channel. But it enables also local real-time operations to be performed independently from network availability.

The IJENKO distributed architecture is shared between:

The IJENKO Cloud providing:

  • Abstraction layer to process data from devices in the smart home. Each device relies on a full representation defining several attributes and methods allowing multiple values (attributes) and multiple actions (methods).
  • Asynchronous data processing
  • Big data analysis for CRM applications: It allows the system to identify patterns from sensor data, based on past behaviors, enabling real-time analysis (eg: for preventive maintenance)
  • Business algorithms such as load curves for aggregated consumption and aggregated micro-generation
  • Predictive analysis such as load curves for annual forecasts of users total consumption, forecast of potential savings if the user replaces his existing fridge by an energy efficient A+++ fridge

The IJENKO Software Gateway:

  • Executing home automation programs in real-time and independently from network availability thanks to a powerful rule engine IFTTT-based logic engine maximizes home automation responsiveness and performs programs locally
  • Optimizing the data volume transmitted between the gateways and the central servers
  • Reducing the applications requirements within the Cloud infrastructure while increasing their performance

Security by design

The IJENKO IoE2 platform is using the best security standards across all layers.

The infrastructure is composed of clustered servers enabling:

  • Isolation of a single node without interrupting service
  • Better attack prevention and better mitigation of security issues
  • Databases located at the far end of the infrastructure
  • Redundancy at every level
  • Load balancing for better peak load management

Interfaces security procedures at every level:

  • Use of an anti-DDOS solution (anti-distributed denial of service)
  • All traffic passes through Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) configured to stop web-based vulnerability exploitation
  • As a muulti-tenant provider, IJENKO puts in place Access Control Lists to guarantee data separation from one provider to another
  • HTTPS encryption handling : exchanges through all external interfaces (API, back office, front user website & mobile interfaces) secured via TLS 1.2 HTTPS communications
  • The HAN features AES 128 encryption for the ZigBee network

Highly scalable platform

The IJENKO IoE2 platform, designed to manage millions of smart devices, handles more than 2 billion data points per month. The IJENKO infrastructure uses methods to scale in the most optimized way:

  • Clustered servers: Scaling up is simply achieved by adding a node to one or more clusters. There is no need to redesign the system as end-users increase. Software Gateways connect to front-end servers that can be added seamlessly.
  • Modular and event services: internal applications are independent and designed to be replicated horizontally. The exchange of data is optimized by a principle of message queues and task delegation. Their implementation may be on physical or virtual servers.
  • Continuous supervision of databases and services of the platform is performed. Replication of data is executed in real-time. Data store and failover systems are all hosted in the EEA (France).

Interactions with IoT

Several methods are available to interact with IoT best-seller devices. These methods reconcile the Home Area network devices and their home automation possibilities with the new IP devices entering the home:

  • Event / action from IoT Clouds to send commands to HAN devices by using IJENKO APIs
  • Event / Action from IoT Clouds as a trigger of programs in IJENKO Software Gateway to send commands to HAN devices
  • Polling IJENKO IoE2 APIs towards IoT Clouds

Cloud-to-cloud interactions

Interactions with IoT

Several methods are available to interact with IoT best-seller devices. These methods reconcile the Home Area network devices and their home automation possibilities with the new IP devices entering the home:

  • Local interactions between the Software Gateway IJENKO and devices having an IP address
  • HTTP requests are sent to the IP devices to perform instant action locally without any input from the IJENKO Cloud

This method offers easy interaction with any IP devices and can be automated through the rule engine of the Software Gateway.

Local interactions

Interactions with IoT

Several methods are available to interact with IoT best-seller devices. These methods reconcile the Home Area network devices and their home automation possibilities with the new IP devices entering the home:

  • IoT best-seller products can be integrated and the IJENKO IoE platform uses their Cloud API to send commands
  • The IJENKO IoE2 platform can also retrieve some data from some best-seller devices and trigger some actions on others

Local to Cloud interactions