How will this add value to your customers?

By becoming an accredited EcoSmart Electrician you offer additional value to your customers and another reason for them to select you over the competition.

The Carbon Pollution Emissions Scheme’s Green paper recognized that there are 4 major household emissions efficient opportunities:

  • Insulation
  • Hot water heating
  • Lighting
  • Appliance consumption

There are a number of ways that you can assist your clients reduce their energy use and emissions, here are just a few installations that you as a certified ESE can provide:

Sensors to turn off lighting and other energy consuming appliances when no one is in the area

Hallways, car parks, corridors, entrances, garages etc

Energy efficient lighting

Having the right kind of lighting is important to your client’s health and safety. When you are an EcoSmart Electrician you can recommend energy efficient lighting throughout homes and businesses, ensuring safety for your client, reducing energy use and saving them money

A high level of energy efficiency can be achieved in high usage areas such as living, kitchen and communal areas.

Heating and Cooling Appliance advice

Not all systems are suitable for all buildings and areas. When you are an EcoSmart Electrician you will be able to advise on the most efficient and cost effective option for your clients specific needs

Solar energy generation

Not every system is suitable for every location, building, area and gradient – When you are an EcoSmart Electrician you will be able to assess and advise the best solution for your client

Solar Hot Water Systems

When you are an EcoSmart Electrician you will be able to assess and advise the best solar solution for your clients

Pumps, Fans and Motors

Over 50% of an organization’s energy costs can be in the running of pumps, fans and motors. When you are an EcoSmart Electrician you will assess and offer advice to improve system reliability and efficiency. This advice will provide the client with cost savings, higher profits, lower energy costs and less green house gas emissions.

Become an EcoSmart Electrician – Connecting you to a more sustainable future

How To Diy Residential Cleaning

What is even worse? Grubby windows or windows with streaks since you have washed them the improper manner? Residential window cleaning is as easy as it appears. Yet you just need to remember some steps to be able to accomplish your own home window cleaning. Create your own recipe of window cleaning solution. What you will should get is a clean rubberized squeegee, sponge, pail of water, old hand towel or shirts, and also a rag to wipe the squeegee.

The best home formulas are two tablespoons of ammonia or three tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice, 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol, and 1/4 tablespoon of dish washer detergent. Combine these ingredients in a spray bottle and fill in with water, don’t forget to shake the contents to combine totally. When cleaning windows with vinegar, mix one part vinegar with two parts hot water, immerse a clean sponge in the mixture and stroke the windows with it. Use a rag to wipe dry the windows

With the cleaning proper, start off by spraying the solution on the glass beginning with the top. Use a sponge to push out a the dirt. Rinse out the sponge and repeat+. Use squeegee from top to bottom and then from laterally. After each swipe, dip the squeegee in the bucket of water and wipe clean using the rag.

Wash your windows on cloudy days so that water deposits does not form and dry out in the warmth of the sun. Be sure you start from top to bottom. If in instance you discover scrapes on the windows, use toothpaste to fill the marks. On small windows, use sponges rather than squeegees. When cleaning windows have one person wash from inside of the window while one is outside.

Do window cleaning for your house at least once a month to keep residue from accumulating. The home solution works really well since it will remove any residue seen in your windows. Vinegar, ammonia and lemon juice help in cutting through residue, while rubbing alcohol dries quickly to prevent streaking. The dishwashing detergent loosens the film. This simple method of do-it-yourself residential window cleaning is a highly effective method in keeping your windows squeaky clean. The useful information was given by a kitchen designer who’s started business in double glazing windows and kitchen appliances.

Lighting Installation in Baltimore

To actually discover the optimal lighting structure for your house, it truly is crucial that you basically locate the best lighting contractors in the area. Electrical job and also home lighting style upgrades are actually major task which could simply be carried out by a reliable electrician due to the dangerous factor related to electrical related jobs. The dangers of working with electrical energy contain electrocution, shocks, fires, burns and also electrical short circuit. A bad electrical related project as well as improper lighting installation may cause serious damage and then possibly even wreck your own residence.

Home lighting can basically be nicely attached merely by a reputable electrician Baltimore. Once you discover where to search, you simply won’t have a problem discovering fine local lighting companies. The fastest strategy to find electrical installers is online. There is no scarcity of dependable power corporations online. You simply need to conduct your individual investigation for you to affirm the exact standing of the company.

The next thing that you should carry out is usually to examine quotations. It is the perfect option to locate the right business. An excellent contractor will supply you with a total account of all the fees, for instance the hourly fee, materials used, travel expenses and even miscellaneous fees. Recommended domestic electricians are able to properly solve lighting problems, install indoor lighting, perform rewiring work, fit heaters, mount home security systems, and much more.

While seeking lighting companies, you must find out exactly what signals to comprehend. For example, be careful of fees that are very reduced, because there could be a con in the long run. Never get a corporation that would need you to pay for the entire price beforehand. A dependable service provider may only fully bill you after the overall project is actually done. Once the corporation is pressuring you to ultimately work with them all, consider it as a red flag. Make sure you have sufficient time to think about all of the options.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Basics – Help Make Your Very Own Home, An Eco-Friendly Home

Alternative energy looks really good, and most of us working in the business world could well be exposed to this word every single day in our meetings.

But is it simply offices that need to go green? Considering the sheer amount of pollution that is happening as a result of the energy employed in each and every one of our homes, it really is time to turn just a little green in each one of our homes too.

As you might be aware, ‘green energy’ is the expression chosen to talk about energy derived from sources that are replenishable and environmentally-friendly.

The word ‘green’ is utilized simply because the pollution factor is very low compared with fossil fuels. This helps in keeping the planet green.

Listed here are a few resources considered as green energy.

  • Geothermal energy
  • Small Scale Hydro-power
  • Solar Energy
  • Biomass power
  • Tidal energy
  • Wave power
  • Wind power

You can find other resources like anaerobic digestion and incineration of waste that are also regarded as being green sources.

A few providers even declare that nuclear electrical power is green, but unless a safe manner of disposing the waste material from that energy source is developed, we can’t include that on the list.

Green energy basics for us to utilize at home include little things like making our own windmills on our balconies, using solar power for heating water, and things like that.

In modern constructions, green energy basics are now being implemented in the course of the construction stage itself. This would be to make certain that a maximum quantity of natural air and light utilized by the home.

See if you can turn a little greener! You may start small by looking into making a wise investment in energy efficient items provided by scalar energy like: the quantum shield and energy wands.

Kitchen Remodel Plan The Need To Draw Up Plan For Your Remodeling Project

I have read passages from the Good Book a number of times, and each time I do, I learn something of value. Once I read this little bit of scripture that struck me like a blow to the face. It said ‘He that setteth his hands upon the plough and looketh back is not worthy of My Kingdom.’ Now this may not read like much to you, but I have never been able to get the thought of it from off of my mind. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you had better believe that this scripture applies.

There is no way you are going to remodel your kitchen without a plan, because it is times like this that you find yourself looking back and wondering if you made a few mistakes. Without a kitchen-remodeling plan, your efforts to recreate a cooking space that is enviable are bound to fall through well before you are even halfway through. Without a kitchen-remodeling plan, you are not going to be worthy to get to the end of the entire project, and it would all have been a waste.

How do you draw up a kitchen-remodeling plan? Simple, especially if you know where you are going with it. Let me warn you, kitchen remodeling – true kitchen remodeling – is not all about pots and pans, and knives and plates, and all of those utensils. You have to realize that your kitchen is the place in which you cook the foods that you eat; the place in which you create what helps you stay alive. Whatever else you think of your cooking space, it has to be a space in which you are both comfortable, capable, and yes, creative.

More than just the cookware, there is the orientation and the setting of your kitchen space. You may want to change the tiles because a few of the old ones are broken; you may want to repaint the cooking area because the old paint is peeling off or covered with sooth. Certainly, repositioning the fridge and a few of the electrical appliances in the kitchen is an option, as is perhaps bringing in a few more surfaces upon which you can cook; and if you really have a lot of money to throw around, you could actually take down an entire wall and extend the room a bit for more space.

All of a sudden, you must be getting a clearer picture at this time. Proper kitchen remodeling, the way it needs to be done, can be a rather pricey procedure, and one that you cannot embark upon without a plan. As such, drawing up a kitchen-remodeling plan is totally crucial to the success of the project.

In doing the drawing up, you are going to have to include all of the parameters that have been considered above as well as a price tag of what each part of the project would cost. Mercifully, you have the Internet to draw upon so that you don’t have to drive around town trying to get price ranges; you can do it all from the comfort of your own room – at least most of it.

Your kitchen-remodeling plan is not going to be complete without the input of a few professionals. You may need an architect to offer you their point of view, or an interior decorator. You may find their input more than a little helpful in drawing up your plan, and when you have it, you will know what the whole kitchen-remodeling project may cost.

In my personal experience, I have found that the average cost of kitchen remodeling for most homes in the United States is in the range of a couple of hundred thousand dollars, give or take a few thousand. If you can afford more, then you are going for the luxurious. If you cannot afford as much, then you had better be looking for a more affordable way to make your kitchen-remodeling scheme happen.

Easy Tips for Bathroom Design

Bathroom remodeling is not a task for the faint of heart. Nor is it a task for those with few pennies to rub against one another. It can be both difficult and expensive. Moving fixtures will usually involve plumbing, which the novice is not able to do. Moving walls or electrical outlets also calls for professional help.

There are things you can do, however. Whether you plan to do the remodel yourself or have a contractor do it, you can be involved in bathroom design.

Bathroom design lets you plan and visualize the finished room before you begin. Bathroom design works out the bathroom remodeling project so that it flows smoothly and – you hope – successfully.

Keep the following in mind as you begin and work through your own bathroom design project.

1. Form Follows Function In bathroom design, as in the design of other rooms, remember that form follows function. To put it another way, the usefulness of the room takes priority over the appearance of the room. Many who set their hand to bathroom design have in mind a pleasant or rich-appearing retreat. They want the look of a spa, or of an expensive bathroom they saw in a magazine. If a wiser head does not intervene, they end up with a bathroom that looks good but is inconvenient, at best. As you launch a bathroom design project, think about the usefulness of each part of your bathroom. Cabinets should be placed where they are convenient. If possible, their placement will also be aesthetically pleasing. The emphasis should be, however, on the usefulness of those cabinets. The same should be true of every item in your bathroom design.

2. Create Clear Floor Plans Bathroom design must work with clear, easily followed floor plans. Begin with accurate measurements of every part of the bathroom. Measure everything at least twice, writing the measurements in a notebook. Use graph paper or a bathroom design computer program to make a “map” of your bathroom. Mark the exact location of each fixture. Mark plumbing and electrical connections precisely. With everything measured and marked, you can use your floor plans to try out different bathroom designs. Relocate the vanity and sink. Will it work better in the new location? Will plumbing have to be changed? Try out different arrangements before settling on one.

3. Focus on Fixtures Relocation of towel racks and wall shelves is not a big concern, in most cases. Relocation of fixtures such as toilet, tub, shower, and sink is a big concern. For successful bathroom design, focus on those fixtures. Be sure you know exactly where you want your fixtures to be located. Be sure the plumbing can be relocated to fit your new bathroom design. Since the relocation of fixtures is often costly, focus on them carefully and see if you can produce a bathroom design that leaves them where they are. Perhaps other things can be altered to achieve your purpose with less cost and labor.

Use Common Sense

The best tip to remember when getting involved in bathroom design is to use common sense. You want the toilet paper roll to hang or sit in a convenient location. You want towels near the tub, shower, and sink – not on the other side of the room. Give a little common sense thought to each item, and your bathroom design will produce a convenient, functional, and stylish room.

Tips On Choosing And Using A Shower Mirror For Shaving

It doesn’t matter if your a guy or girl, not only will a shower mirror for shaving help you during shaving, but you can really benefit from the mirror where you will be able to see whether you have cleared all the soap from your body. There are many designs of mirrors available in the market, so when your out looking the process of carrying out interior decoration in your bathroom you will be faced with a task of deciding on the one that will best fit your bathroom. In case you are working with an expert in your interior design then you will be lucky because you will have somebody nearby who will guide you in your process of trying to fit the best shower mirror for shaving in your bathroom .The following are some tips for you on how to choose the best shower mirror for shaving for you to enjoy the best design of mirror in your home:

Consider the measurements of your bathroom before buying

Different homes will have different sizes of bathroom. For you to avoid cases where you will buy a mirror that will fail to fit in your bathroom you need to take measurements of your bathroom such as the width and height where you will like to fit the mirror. This will offer you an easier time while ordering your mirror because you will be able to specify for the seller to offer you the right size. Remember failure to buy the right mirror will lead you to ordering a mirror that you will won’t be able to use in your bathroom.

Try to order your shower mirror for shaving from a reputable supplier

This is necessary because in working with a reputable seller there are high chances that you will be able to receive a quality mirror that will serve you well. If possible while in the store where you will like to buy from you should take your time and compare different mirrors available from different manufacturers for you to be able to decide on the one that will tend to be a superior brand. In some cases superior brands may cost more but it is necessary considering they will offer you great services where you will end up appreciating the value of your money that you may have used to buy the mirror.

Decide on the best mirror frame that will improve the appearance of your bathroom

While buying a shower mirror for shaving there are different mirror frames that you will encounter. They will be having different designs which may end up even confusing you, for you to enjoy increasing the beauty of your bathroom you need to select a mirror frame that will complement the decorations in your bathroom .In case you are stuck on which design for you to decide on you should make a point of contacting your interior designer. This is necessary because failure to do so you may end up buying a mirror with a frame that will make your modern bathroom appear outdated. The color of the frame should also be able to work with the colors that you may have used in decorating your bathroom for you to avoid color clashing.

How To Finish Concrete Basement Walls

Tired of looking at those cold and bare, unfinished concrete basement walls? Think it’s too hard to tackle yourself? Think again! Read on for some options you have and special tips along the way.

Having a home with a basement can be a big time kicker in adding value to the overall price tag, that is if it’s a finished basement. Having a basement that’s finished raises the overall livable space of a home. It’s pretty simple really, a home with an unfinished basement has less square footage of livable space than a home that has a finished basement. One of the items to completing the look of a finished basement deals with those bare concrete walls. If you are looking to clean it all up, this should help you along the lines of how to finish concrete basement walls.

There’s really three options you have with this. The first one, probably doesn’t fit you as that’s why you are here in the first place, is that the basement is finished as part of building the house. These could be a new home or maybe an older home that you bought but the basement was already done when you got the home. The second option is to simply hire a contractor to finish it all out. And the third, which is probably why you are here, is to finish the basement walls yourself if you have the skills and time. You will still need to buy all the construction materials yourself, but you’ll save quite a bit by cutting out the time and labor charged from a general contractor. Here’s a couple of different options on how to finish concrete basement walls.

Furring Strips with Foam Insulation

We’ll start with the least desirable of the two eventhough it’s probably actually easier then the other option a little farther down line and that’s to use some simple furring strips and foam insulation to fake out your wall. Since you are really only going to be having the foam insulation between your drywall and concrete wall, there’s really no need to use 2×4′s as your furring strip. Suggest to use 2×2′s instead. You’ll want to secure these 2×2′s to the overhead floor joists and then also down the wall in a vertical pattern with some sturdy concrete screws. You don’t need many, probably 3 or 4 strategically placed screws per furring strip would suffice. Once you’ve got your furring strips in place, get that foam insulation out and start cutting pieces to fit in between your furring strips. The least amount of cuts you have to make the better so measure those furring strips appropriately! Once you’ve got the foam sheets fitting correctly between the furring strips, take it down and apply some adhesive to the back of it using a caulking gun generously around it until the bead runs from top to bottom. Just go from side to side as you work your way down the sheet leaving about an inch or so between the current bead and the upper bead until you reach the bottom. Pick it back up and press it in place. Be sure to apply even pressure over the board (pushing on the top, middle, and bottom) so that it secures properly. Give it about 30 seconds for the glue to take hold before you let go and move on to your next piece. One thing to note here, if you haven’t run your electricity to the outlets and stuff, plan to mix this in during the process as it gets rather tight as you are working with a lot less space. After you’ve got all the foam insulation up and in place, you can move on to the drywall. Install the drywall right over the top of it all using some standard one and a quarter inch drywall screws. Wa-la. You’ve just finished your concrete basement walls. In the long, run you’ll save some flooring space if your basement is small using this method, but if you are going to spend a lot of time down there, it’s probably not going to be worth the hassle you’ll run into trying to run all the wiring and outlets as there simply no room to “do it later” without really tearing something up.

Conventional Framed Wall

This method of framing a concrete basement wall is probably by far the most common and popular. Instead of the 2X2′s and foam insulation, this time on the trip to the hardware store your going to want to pick up some 2×4′s. I’m not going to tell you everything here on how to do this as there are simply a ton of resources online and elsewhere that cover building a conventional framed wall, but I will give you a couple of tips. Get enough to go from corner to corner in the entire basement. When you start building your wall, make sure that the 2×4 bottom plates are pressure treated (this will help them last a lot longer due to the conditions of a basement) to mount the 2×4′s to. The top of the frame should be mounted to the upper floor joists for support. To insulate them when you are done framing, you can use the standard fiberglass insulation, no need for the foam insulation here. The downfall with this type of framing on basement walls is that you lose some space, not much, but about 6 inches per wall. If your basement is really small this could be a problem. The upside though is that since you are finishing it out probably means you are going to be spending some time down there and this type of installation leaves you a lot of room to work that wiring to all those new outlets and switches to power up those big screen TV’s and sound systems (or blenders and bar accessories, or whatever else you may be doing).

How Much Does It Cost

This is probably one of the most important pieces that anyone wants to know is how much does it cost to finish basement walls? The answer? Well it’s really not a good one as quite honestly every situation and basement is practically different and depending on the way you go depends a lot on the overall bottom line of the whole deal. It’s one that you are just going to have to price out for your basement yourself. I know, that’s not the greatest answer or probably what anyone would want to hear but it’s true. Every job is different. Check around with some of the local contractors in your area and just get some estimates. If they are reasonable and it fits your budget, go for it. If not, take their estimates (and take notes when they are doing it) and price it out yourself if you were to do the work. What you are going to find is that overall, the contractors may get a better rate on the materials, but can you afford the time and labor portion of it or is it worth it to simply do it yourself, that should be your deciding factor. One other thing to consider if you do attempt this, it takes a bit of time. Plan on spending 2-5 days (dependant on the job) to do it yourself as it’s not something your likely going to finish in a single day.

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Try The Reliable Quality Of Travertine Bathroom Accessories For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Travertine bathroom accessories can be a affordable range of accessories that will ensure you have a delightful bathing experience every time. We talk about this a lot, and we still don’t think that you should ever compromise with the accessories available for a place where you frequent daily. If you set up your bathroom properly, you should be pampered with so much quality, that you feel like spending more time there. With the quality that bathroom accessories can provide to you, you cannot ask for anything more. Imagine the kind of premium care taken in choosing faucets, taps and showers through which can have a scintillating effect on your bathroom overall.

Travertine Bathroom Accessories for a Luxury Bath Experience

Making use of the latest bathroom accessories will let you explore maximum features for you bathroom remodeling project. After considering all the features in an extensive manner, you should realize the importance of making sure that you have a comfortable bath with luxury accessories. Make sure that reasonable prices are charged against any accessory you consider reflecting your budget requirements . Eventually, you will get to experience the best travertine bathroom accessories with the best durable quality of bathroom accessories available to you, on your budget as per your bathroom remodeling project. You should make sure that you enjoy your time in the bathroom no matter what.

Choose Travertine Bathroom Accessories for Your Comfort

A lot of people are starting to go towards that natural stone look, and are using it in a lot of different applications in and around the house, its not just the kitchen anymore. Bathrooms where the stone will not only be a feature on the floor, but can be used for other places such as walls, sinks, and tubs. Makes Travertine one of the natural stones that is currently popular for use in bathrooms. Homeowners prefer it for the character it brings into a room through its various colors, venation’s, and patterns.

Travertine tile is a fantastic choice for bathrooms not only because of its natural beauty, but also because it is easy to maintain. Travertine in bathrooms is very easy to clean and hardly shows water spots and soap scum, which makes it a great choice for bathroom Accessories. Moreover, you get to have some thing in your house that is unique and it is possible to have some flexibility with it as well.

The largest collection of bathroom accessories are now available to you online that you could readily order, so you need to make sure you choose well. A Diverse range of color combinations are available as well, so you should make sure that you consider what you want before making that purchase With such a large additional range of travertine Bathroom accessories available, you could realize more creative features in your bathroom if you wanted too. If you shop around you can find some discounts too, on some of the best Travertine Bathroom accessories, that you can use in your bathroom.